Restaurant Sound System: Petastream S20 Establish Your Wireless Audio Network in Just 5 Minutes

Restaurant Sound System: Petastream S20 Establish Your Wireless Audio Network in Just 5 Minutes

In the vibrant atmosphere of a restaurant, the significance of a top-notch, user-friendly sound system is frequently underestimated. Restaurants are not just places for people to enjoy food, but also creators of ambiance. Here, every song played has an impact on a customer's dining experience. Before choosing a business audio system solution, it's essential to understand the various challenges that existing products may face. 



Installing a restaurant sound system can be a daunting task, often demanding a significant amount of time and effort. Traditional sound systems can involve complex wiring, mounting, and configuration procedures that may require professional technicians or in-house staff to spend hours on end.

In the case of hiring professional technicians for restaurant sound system installation, costs can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the system and the specific requirements of the establishment. On average, the cost of professional installation services can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This cost may include labor, equipment, and any additional materials needed for the installation. These expenses can add up quickly, and for many restaurant owners, they become a significant part of the budget.

You no longer need to invest time in researching the ideal audio solution for your restaurant, nor do you have to search for professional technicians. Those bewildering setups have become a thing of the past. All you need to do is select an appropriate location to place the speakers, connect them to a power source, and power them on, and your Petastream sound system is ready to use. This simplified approach saves you time, effort, and the significant costs associated with traditional sound system installations.


Sound Quality

Opting for a wired sound system, apart from the professional expertise and cost considerations discussed in the previous section, can readily lead to poor sound quality due to issues like cable malfunctions and signal interference. Users of traditional sound systems often face problems with distortion or crackling. To resolve them, you would need to meticulously inspect all wire connections and potentially replace damaged cables. Addressing these maintenance concerns can incur significant costs over time.

The beauty of the Petastream speaker lies in its freedom from the shackles of wiring. Just connect to any Petastream speaker within the restaurant via Bluetooth or AUX, and it can wirelessly link with up to four other S20 units, ensuring that your entire establishment enjoys a harmonious audio experience.

Petastream S20 Speaker utilizes advanced wireless transmission technology that is fully compatible with SKAA. This innovative technology is engineered to deliver the most intuitive audio experience for users. SKAA, a communication protocol designed specifically for sound transmission, guarantees pristine sound clarity and strength while demonstrating remarkable resistance to interference. This means that no matter where you are in the restaurant, you can enjoy uniform, high-quality sound without the hassle and maintenance costs associated with wired systems.


Staff training

In many restaurants, staff turnover is a common occurrence. Hiring and training new employees can be a time-consuming and costly process. Traditional sound systems may require in-depth training for staff to operate and maintain effectively, which can add to the workload and expense.

Petastream S20 addresses this issue by providing a user-friendly solution that doesn't demand extensive training. Operating the S20 Speaker is as simple as connecting it to a power source and turning it on. It's truly a "plug and play" system, which means your staff can quickly adapt to it without the need for specialized training.

This ease of use not only saves time and resources but also reduces the learning curve for your staff. Whether it's adjusting the volume or utilizing the intercom feature, the S20's intuitive design ensures that your employees can effectively manage the sound system, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibilities, such as serving customers and maintaining the smooth operation of your restaurant.


Staying Current

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, electronic devices can quickly become outdated, and software may need constant updates and security patches. This can pose a challenge for restaurant owners, as maintaining and upgrading audio systems can be time-consuming and costly.

Petastream S20 is designed with sustainability in mind. S20 doesn't require any apps or software, intentionally eliminating the need for constant updates. By doing so, it streamlines the management and maintenance of your sound system, making it more sustainable in the long run. This not only reduces ongoing operational costs.

The result is a sustainable, efficient audio solution that can adapt and evolve alongside your restaurant's changing needs, without the burden of continuous software updates.


Restaurant Communication

In the restaurant industry, swift and effective communication is the key to success. Traditionally, various departments within a restaurant often faced communication barriers due to loud noise or vast distances. The common solution for restaurant owners has been to invest in multiple walkie-talkies, as they are inexpensive and easily replaceable. However, walkie-talkies often encounter battery issues, with batteries running out shortly after purchase. Additionally, these devices often utilize FRS (Family Radio Service) channels, resulting in unclear communication and susceptibility to interference.

Petastream audio systems provide a superior alternative with built-in three-channel intercoms using the 900MHz frequency, ensuring clear and interference-free communication. These three channels are specifically designed for the bustling restaurant environment, facilitating seamless communication between various sections.

This feature allows for effortless communication between the kitchen and the order counter, or between the service counter and customers waiting for takeout orders. Chefs working diligently in the kitchen can now enjoy the music played in the restaurant, and the system automatically mutes the music during conversations, resuming playback after the exchange ends.

For takeaway customers, the days of aimlessly waiting or searching for staff to confirm order status are over. They can now enjoy music while they wait, and when their order is ready, staff can use the S20 Speaker's intercom to notify them directly, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. Petastream's integrated intercom system revolutionizes communication within restaurants, making it efficient, clear, and hassle-free.