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Effortless Multi-room Audio with Petastream: Say Goodbye to Frequent Upgrades

Petastream Multi-room Wireless Speaker

Petastream introduces its inaugural audio product, the Petastream, offering a wireless audio solution tailored for multi-room and expansive spaces. Our development team is committed to optimizing the user experience, starting from user needs. We've combined our expertise in fine-tuning audio quality to strike a balance between superior sound quality and versatile connectivity, making it a truly multi-room speaker.


Solving Various Scenarios with Ease

As a multi-space speaker, the Petastream addresses the challenges often associated with setting up multi-space audio systems in the market. Users no longer need to worry about their familiarity with smart devices or router configurations. There's no need to download a separate app or concern about potential app malfunctions.

"Simplicity" is at the core of Petastream's philosophy. Whether you're using it for multi-space applications within your home, connecting audio both indoors and outdoors at restaurants, or setting up audio for commercial spaces like music concerts, Petastream users can effortlessly achieve complex configurations using the physical buttons on the speaker.


Hassle-Free Wireless Audio Technology

Petastream's protocol is compatible with SKAA. SKAA is renowned for its audio capabilities, and notable brands such as SOUNDBOKS, Dillinger Labs, and Wet Sounds utilize this technology.

Furthermore, Petastream is committed to providing users with the "freedom of use." Each Petastream can be configured as a transmitter (TX) or receiver (RX) to meet specific needs, enhancing the flexibility of the Petastream as a multi-room audio system.


Precisely Crafted Audio Quality

The Petastream, equipped with two full-range drivers, boasts audio quality that rivals leading brands in the market. Its sound profile is incredibly rich and immersive, comparable to top-tier audio systems. The audio output is remarkably three-dimensional, enveloping listeners in a captivating soundscape. This level of audio richness and depth is seldom found outside premium audio solutions, making the Petastream a standout choice for those who demand a truly exceptional listening experience. Furthermore, our range includes both the S10 and S20, two distinct audio options, allowing users to choose the perfect sound signature to suit their preferences and specific scenarios.


Embracing Sustainable Usage, Ending the Cycle of Upgrades

At Petastream, our mission is clear - to promote sustainable usage and put an end to the constant cycle of upgrading and replacing. We understand that many users often find themselves in a frustrating predicament with their audio equipment. This can be due to the never-ending introduction of new models, software incompatibility, or app update glitches. This results in the disheartening situation where your existing audio system cannot connect or function properly, a scenario that's all too common among users of big-name audio brands.

Our goal is to break free from this pattern. We don't want our users to experience the frustrations associated with model obsolescence or issues arising from software and app incompatibility. With Petastream, you can rely on the longevity and compatibility of your audio equipment. We're dedicated to ensuring that your product remains relevant and usable over the long term, sparing you from the inconvenience and expense of frequently upgrading your audio system.

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